Summer’s here already and with it comes the blistering heat and summer vacations. The perfect time to take a trip to the water park. A day at the water park with your children will be the best way to beat the heat. Mero Planet’s water park Hip Hip Hooray at Nepalgunj is the best and the largest water-themed park in Nepal and has the fifth largest freshwater pool in the world. It’s in the midst of a luxury resort and will guarantee you a day packed with fun-filled activities and sumptuous food.

If you are planning a trip to Hip Hip Hooray or any other water park, then this article is a must-read for you. While your children are busy being excited for the trip, you need to make sure you keep handy certain essential products which are a must for such trips. Along with that here are some more do’s and don’ts you need follow to ensure a safe trip.


Sunscreens: Always ensure you wear sunscreens and make your children wear sunscreen as well. Keep reapplying it every hour and make sure it’s of a high SPF. The harmful UV rays of the sun can cause severe tanning and skin issues.

Hydration: Stay hydrated. Being out in the sun can dehydrate you immensely, so always drink a lot of water before entering the pool. Avoid artificially sweetened drinks, which can actually speed up the dehydration process.

Life Vest: Always wear a life vest to avoid any accidents. Even if you are a good swimmer, it is advisable to always wear a vest.

Pack clothes: Make sure you pack additional clothes for everyone, and more than one pair for small kids. You do not want to get back home in wet clothes!

Pack Essentials: Along with clothes make sure you pack all these essential items as well – towels, sunglasses, water goggles, first-aid kit, swimsuit, swim diapers and sunscreens.

Safety First: Ensure that you read all safety guidelines and follow them correctly. Follow the directions of the life guards and safety instructors at all times.

Safety of your children: Always keep an eye on your children and be in the water with them. Do not depend on others to take care of your children. Designate a meeting place, so that if they get separated from you, they can meet you at this place.


Behavior: Do not be unruly and chaotic while in the water. It can lead to accidents.

Protecting Valuables: Do not leave you valuables, camera, phones etc. unattended. Rent a locker and deposit your valuables in it, before entering the waterpark.

Running around: Do not run around the swimming pool. It is extremely dangerous to do so. The sidewalks will be slippery, which could lead to a nasty fall and/or serious injuries.

Do not exert: Continuous running around and playing can lead you to getting very tired at the end of the day. Keep taking short breaks in between the swimming and splashing and rides. Use this time to drink some water to avoid dehydration.

Rinse yourself: Do not leave the pool and go for the next ride, without rinsing yourself well in a shower. The water in the pool is full of chemicals and chlorine, which needs to be washed off well. Use the showers provided in the park and carry a shower gel, as well.

Do not litter: Dispose all your garbage properly, as per the provided instructions. Do not let your children litter around the place. Keep your nearby areas clean and litter-free.

Following these guidelines will lead to fun-filled adventure waterpark trips where you can make memories that lasts a lifetime.