Take a delicious world tour!

Experience global cuisines in an atmosphere
perfect for every mood!
With exciting & refreshing views of Mero Planet, Bon Appetit offers one-of-a-kind dining experiences crafted to suit your vibrant moods. From gala dinner parties and quality lunches with the family, to fun-filled dining and merry celebrations with friends, Bon Appetit tastefully combines the finer things in life to keep you coming back for more.

Your ultimate mood partner!

  • Global cuisines made by expert chefs
  • World-class bar & barbeque delights
  • Lush-green environs
  • Adventure-packed surroundings



Mero Planet, Mansarovar Amusement Park and Resort Pvt. Ltd., Nepalgunj-14, Banke.


+977 98025 69924


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